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Keep Training through Fall Break

Good morning XC athletes, we hope you're enjoying your vacation time.  Here's a friendly reminder to keep training on Fall Break. It's Wednesday 10/12, which means you now have 8 days until the Baylor Meet of Chattanooga and 13 days until the Macon County State Qualifier.  We want to peak on 10/25 at that State Qualifier. That means you train hard until your taper week.  Tapering is the process of allowing your body to recover and store up energy for your final push. From Running Shoes the definition is " Tapering is a training term relating to the final week or two of your training plan.  It systemically  reduces your exercise intensity and load for the lead up to your race day.  It’s vital in endurance sports such as training for a marathon because  it allows the body to rest and recuperate energy  to fly on race day." So, here's what your training should loo

Macon County Wrap-Up - New Girl's Leader

  The boys team joins Harley in prayer before her race.  As we prepare for the state qualifier on 10/25, we stopped in at Macon County for a practice run through.  Today's meet is the same location as the qualifier that will be in 19 days. We were pleasantly surprised with a couple breakthroughs and some more personal records. The photo doesn't do this finish line hill justice. That finish line was a beast!   In the coaches rumor mill around the water cooler, the commonly shared opinion is that Macon County is a +0:35 course, meaning that overall times are generally 35 seconds slower here than on normal courses. There are multiple factors contributing to slower times, such as the amount of hills, a slightly longer distance measured at 3.13 miles on GPS, and higher thicker grass increasing friction with each of the runner's 3000ish steps.  BIG STORY - In spite of the challenges, the weather was perfect for our biggest story of the meet.  Freshman Harley Johnston, who alone

Pre-Macon County Info

 From Coach Segraves on Monday in the Remind App:  Meet Thursday 10/6 @ Macon County Girls - 5:00 Boys - 5:30 Vans - Leave School @ 2:30 To sign up for Warriors XC Remind Notifications click here: Race Site:  Macon  County High School XC Course (Next to High School) Address: 2550 Days Rd, Lafayette, TN 37083 Click here to access Google Maps Directions - Race Times 4:00 MS Girls 4:30 MS Boys 5:00 HS Girls 5:30 HS Boys 6:00 Elementary Combined Contact Troy Kirby 615-633-8985